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HVAC Efficiency

Hvac efficiency shows you how to do home air conditioner and home heating maintenance.

Avoid expensive heating and cooling bills or replacing the furnace or air conditioning unit with proper home hvac maintenance.

These easy step by step instructions include supplies required, safety precautions and other helpful tips.

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SAFETY FIRST! Increasing your home's HVAC efficiency and health seems more difficult than it really is. The most important thing to remember is to be aware of product and appliance efficiency ratings and do thorough and proper preparation.

  • Before working on the air conditioner unit, make sure the system is turned off.

  • Turn the furnace off by flipping the required on/off switch near the unit.

Supplies Needed To Increase HVAC Efficiency

These pictures show the basic items you'll need to improve HVAC efficiency.
  • flashlight
    Quality Flashlight

  • furnace filter
    Typical Furnace Filters

  • hose
    Garden Hose

  • nozzle
    Hose Nozzle

  • Condensing Unit Pipe Foam

Home Improvement Instructions for Increasing Efficiency of Furnace and Air Conditioner

No one likes to pay high utility bills or replace a furnace or AC unit. By following these easy steps, you will save money and increase the life of your appliances.

Instructions For Increasing AC Efficiency

  1. There are two pipes coming from the exterior mounted AC condensing unit. One should feel cool and one should feel hot to the touch when the unit is running.
  2. The cold one is supposed to be surrounded with foam. This acts as an insulating factor and helps keep the cool in your AC and not released to the outside.

  3. Since the condensing unit is attempting to dissipate hot air, it needs to bring in additional air to accomplish this. Make sure that the surrounding bushes and plants are not blocking the air intake vents located all around the unit.

  4. At least twice a year you need to hose off the intake vents. Do so once in the Spring and again in the fall. This will remove any debris that makes the unit work harder or inefficiently.

  5. The condensing unit operates better and longer if it is and has been setting level. If you unit is settling, it make soon need new copper pipes becausee they are under strain and may start leaking Freon or other cooling liquid.

Instructions For Increasing Furnace Efficiency
  1. Every month it is recommended that the furnace filter be changed. Some filters may be designed for 3 months operation. It is a good idea to remove filter periodically to check for excess dirt.

  2. Clean furnace vents within your home by removing the vent from the floor/wall and using a vacuum suck out the debris.

  3. To check the return air flow, place a piece of paper over the return air duct vent (in the wall). With the furnace operating, the paper should stay in place covering the vent. If it does fall, you may have a restriction that needs attention.

  4. If your furnace is located in the basement, another worthwhile test is to close the basement door, place a piece of paper in front of the door near the bottom. With furnace operating, see if the paper is sucked under the door.

  5. Check the belt on the furnace blower to see if it is cracked or worn. Replace if necessary.

  6. With a flashlight in hand, remove the front cover to the furnace and shine it on the heat exchanger. Examine for any visible cracks. If found immediately call a HVAC professional as this may be allowing unsafe exhaust air into your house.

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