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Home Maintenance Check List Directory

home maintenance check list A home maintenance check list makes it easy to maintain your home and save money too.

Here you will find a calendar of seasonal, monthly and an annual home maintenance checklist.

Types of Checklists

These checklists will help you easily keep your home in shape and can avoid costly repairs.

As we know our home is normally one of the single biggest investments we will ever make, so we want to take good care of it.

Preventative maintenance does take some time and does consume some money but, this is certainly cheaper than waiting and fixing a large problem.

Regular maintenance will help avoid major repairs and extend life expectancy and even reduce energy consumption.

Having a maintained home provides piece of mind and increases resale value.

Save Money

Use this site to save money by not calling the pros. You'd be surprised how many things you can fix or do yourself.


If you like what you see on this site, please let me know. I am more than happy to include any information that you didn't find here, making this site more user friendly.

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